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The Jasmine Scented Ones
This collection of screen prints on tissue paper visually pairs verbs borrowed from a Hafez poem loosely translated to The Jasmine Scented Ones. These works meditate on the tension between verbs throughout the poem by the fourteenth century Sufi mystic. Each stanza of the poem is a meditation on wordplay between two verbs, at times similar and at times contradicting.
The poem starts with the stanza, when the jasmine-scented ones sit, they settle the dust of sadness, an image of rest which sets the mood for the rest of the poem. Sitting and settling stem from the same root in Persian, Benshinanad, Benshanand. Sometimes, the verbs are very close in form; sometimes they’re identical, but evoke different meanings in separate lines.
Inspired by the way Hafez plays with each verb pair, I visually designed a constellation of the words having in mind the final design achieved through the tissue paper layers interlocking, or creating a dust like effect.
Writing the words using a grid, I rid them from the calligraphic traditions of illustrating poetry and examine them in a contemporary light, which is more authentic to my practice.